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Empowering Women

Today, women are taking responsibility for their financial health, and the financial health of their families. But with that responsibility comes concern and worry. Worry they won't have a secure future and worry they'll run out of money. Concern their family will be left with financial burdens. They're often confused and unsure about where to turn, leaving them powerless and paralyzed, and unable to live their purpose and their passion.

Trust also becomes an issue for women. Because their needs are unique and specific, they need guidance, support, and plans customized for them. But when they don’t know who to trust they never get started. They don’t take the necessary steps to ensure capable, comfortable, confident lives.

Sound familiar?

At Empower Wealth Management we never want that to happen. So, we find solutions. In fact, that’s our specialty. We find and design responsible ways to save money and spend money, so you live a passionate and purposeful life.

We help women understand that money is the instrument which allows them to achieve their goals and dreams. Whether a lot or a little, their money needs to last. And let’s not forget family members. We help and support them too so they can live their own passion and purpose.

The team at Empower Wealth Management can help you too. For over 20 years we’ve been helping families just like yours live life the way they want. We’ve done that through our three core principles: Superior Design, Outstanding Communication, and Targeted Education. We live by these principles every day.

Design - We believe in proper design. We understand you are different and beautiful in your own unique way. You need a plan that fits you and your specific needs, and the needs of your family. So we do not offer cookie-cutter portfolios or standard models. Instead, we customize every detail so you can achieve your goals, meet your needs, and live your own purpose driven life.

Communication - We are committed to outstanding communication and review. We know you have questions, and you need us to check in. So we’ll stay in touch. You’ll hear from us at least once a month. We understand you need to know how your money is doing. So we’ll send you a comprehensive plan review every quarter. You’ll know how things are going and you can track your progress easily and efficiently.

We want to see your smiling face in person. So every year we'll reserve time for you to meet with us in the office. We’ll take an in-depth look at your plan to ensure we’re still on track and supporting your goals and dreams.

Education - We believe education is the key to making good financial decisions. So we’ll take the time to talk things through and give you the guidance and support you need to make educated, responsible decisions about your money.

Design. Communication. Education.

Come see the difference.

Be empowered with a customized, responsible plan so you enjoy life, and live your purpose and passion with peace of mind.

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