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Barbara A. Million, CRPC, BFA

Barbara A. Million, CRPC, BFA

CEO - Senior Financial Advisor

In her early 20’s, Barbara Million witnessed a close family member suddenly lose her husband leaving her to raise their two small children and teenager alone. Although she was smart, educated, had a good job and a support system, she felt distraught and overwhelmed when it came to her financial affairs and what her next steps were.

In the words of the family member: “I felt blindsided and unprepared.”

Barbara helped with what she could, but it was time for next steps. During a meeting with the family member’s financial advisor, she noticed the advisor being dismissive of the widow’s questions and unprepared with a plan to help her move forward.

This was the moment that awakened Barbara to start Empower Wealth Management. To hear it from her:

“My mission as a financial advisor is to create an environment where women have a voice, where questions are answered, and knowledge is shared. Where women can gain clarity and peace of mind by better understanding their investments and financial plan. My goal is to empower women to act boldly, be fully engaged in financial decisions, and be comfortable, capable, and confident when a major life event occurs.”